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All About Yacht Importing To Australia

Have you just purchased a kickass Yacht but you are moving to another country? Or maybe you have found a Yacht you want to buy but it is not in your country? Well, if you live in Australia, you should check out Dazmac International Logistics and see the services they provide. With the laws that will be effective in 2018, you will easily be able to import all kinds of vehicles you purchase online.

Yachts are affected by the general rate of duty of five percent that is based on the customs value, which is basically the price that is paid, and about 10% GST that is calculated on the customs value together with the international transport and insurance with the duty.

Safely purchase a Yacht online and get it imported

However, the Yachts that are imported privately are usually valued with the transaction method of valuation, no matter if it is purchased overseas new or already used for the export to AU. There are some circumstances where we might have to use an alternative method of valuation, and they are:

– If the Yacht was constructed by the labour or owner;

– If you have modified or the Yacht has been modified after the purchase (extensively);

– If the vendor and the purchaser are related parties and their relationship influenced the price of the purchase;

– If the original Yacht price was too far removed in time.

What to do then

If any of these instances apply to the Yacht you are importing, then it will be valued by the marine surveyor in Australia. With this valuation, everything is based on the market value, and because of that, it will include elements like GST and customs duty. In this case, these elements will have to be deducted together with the overseas transport of the local valuation.

In any of the above cases, you can always contact a team of professionals who can explain how things work. For example, you can contact or hire Dazmac Logistics for importing boats from USA to Australia, and you can also ask them anything concerning the import.

You have different methods of importing a Yacht, so do your research!

At the place where the Yacht will be sailed to Australia, the overseas goods will be determined by considering the essential costs of sailing that are incurred under the most commercially viable conditions. These costs will then include the amount of money that needs to be spending while the Yacht is actually sailing.

If you have reliable or supporting information, you should know that the essential costs also include:

–  The costs of maps, light and radio lists, charts pilot books and so on.

– The wages of the crew that will be doing the work.

– Food or victualling costs.

– The cots of oil or fuel.

Hire a broker

The fact is that this will take a lot of your time if you want to do this properly. The reason why this usually takes people a lot of time to import or export a Yacht to Australia is because they do not want to hire a broker or ask someone for help. Where, you should consider otherwise, as there are many brokers who are reliable and there to help.

Final word

If you want things to be done without any stress and properly, then you should not be cheap about it. Hiring a professional to do the work for you after you have done your research on the provider is all you really need for things to run smoothly!

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