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AU Solo Travel For The First Time: Top Tips

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to head out on the road on your own but haven’t done it due to apprehension about solo travel, then you may want to reconsider. Each year hundreds of travellers take to the Australian roadways on their own in order to experience the joys of the countryside and all the activities and sights to be had. As a matter of fact, many travellers prefer solo travel since it allows for ultimate freedom. You can do whatever you would like when venturing out on your own and there is much more opportunity for spontaneous decisions. So by all means, get yourself a camper van hire and hit the road on your own if you so desire.

For anyone travelling solo in Australia, take into account the below tips in order to have the best experience you can possibly have on your journey.

Make Connections

One of the biggest misconceptions about solo travel is that it can get lonely out on the road. When you travel in Australia you are joining a community of fellow enthusiasts spanning the whole length of the nation. No matter which region you venture through or which sites and activities you decide to experience, you will most likely run into fellow travellers. This will be a great opportunity to network and make connections. You can share valuable advice about certain regions and travel tips. You may even link up with these individuals for tandem travel for part of your trip. Many lifelong connections are made out on the road, and with so many fellow travellers you should never feel lonely when on a journey in Australia.

Be Spontaneous

One of the main benefits of a solo journey is that you are your own boss out on the road. You can do whatever it is you want to do whenever you would like to do it. When you have nobody to answer to, this leaves your days and nights wide open. Travelling is all about freedom, and many road trippers believe that solo travel is the ultimate freedom. Therefore it is important to take advantage of this while out on your trip.

Of course you will want to have a basic game plan in terms of which sites you want to hit and where you would like to camp on each night. But keep in mind that this plan can be very flexible sine you have nobody in your camper van hire to answer to. If you fall in love with a certain area, then by all means change up your plans and spend some more time there. If you run across a fellow traveller who lets you know about an out-of-the-way attraction that sounds interesting, then reverse your route and check it out. You have the freedom to make these decisions when moving solo, so by all means take advantage of your freedom.

Entertain Yourself

When you don’t have companions along with you, you will have to make your own entertainment when travelling. If you’re an independent person who has no trouble finding things to do on your own, then solo travel should be a breeze. Many individuals prefer travelling alone for this reason. They can enjoy the joys of the road and see the country through their own eyes without outside interference. When it comes to entertaining yourself, this can be anything from bringing a good book on your trip to listening to the radio to keeping a journal or photo log of your travels. Many solo road trippers prefer simply being alone with their thoughts and enjoying the solitude as a healing and invigorating experience.

Be Safe

Overall Australia is a very safe country. Of course there are some basic safety tips you will want to follow just to make sure you stay safe out on the road. Make sure to lock your camper van whenever you aren’t in it, even if you’re just parking it for a moment to check out a site or take a short walk. This is especially the case in cities and more urban areas where theft may be more of an issue. Just use common sense and keep an eye on your gear at all times and you should be fine.

As always, when meeting fellow travellers you should be friendly and open. In rare cases you may run across a road tripper who makes you suspicious or uncomfortable for whatever reason. If this happens you can simply thank them for their time, let them know that you are going to be moving along, and wish them the best on the rest of their journey. The myth that solo travel is dangerous is not the case on the roadways of Australia.

Solo travel is a great way to enhance the true freedom of the road and to enjoy the world’s top road trip country through your own eyes. So if you’re always wondered about solo travel, then load up your camper van hire and hit the road this season.

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