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Buy 7 day Candleswith Wisdom Products

Wisdom Products is an e-commerce platform based out of Los Angeles and is engaged in selling of products, items, accessories and supplies used in witchcraft, voodoo and other spiritual and paranormal activities. Some of the products sold by Wisdom Products include:

  • aerosol room sprays
  • amulets
  • ancient aroma products
  • bags
  • bath and floor wash
  • books in English and Spanish
  • bottles, vials and jars
  • camphor, candles and cauldrons
  • cleaners
  • crystal balls and stands
  • evil eye products
  • perfumes
  • natural products
  • spiritual oils
  • 7 day candles
  • Herbs and health products
  • incense and incense burners
  • horseshoes
  • perfumes
  • pendants and medals
  • powders and sachets
  • salt and sands
  • santeria products and jewellery
  • soaps
  • talisman
  • statues
  • vinegars
  • tarot, fortune card and games etc.

Wisdom products have also recently launched 7-day candles which can burn for one weeknonstop without flaming out. These long lasting7 day candles are infused with a blend of spiritual oils, herbs, incenses, perfumes etc which can help bring in good luck, wade of evils, remove jinx, bring in good luck, attract money, protection from bad luck and evil etc.

Wisdom products sells products for a varied purpose which include but are not limited to:

  • attraction
  • break ups
  • better business
  • cleansing
  • domination
  • casino
  • fast luck
  • Go away evil
  • good luck
  • health drawing
  • holy death
  • honey of love
  • job
  • peaceful home
  • protection
  • sacred hearts
  • saints
  • steady work
  • success etc.

Customers can avail up to 15% discount on purchase on a wide array of oils by using coupon code OIL2018. Customers can access Wisdom Products website in Spanish and English withwholesale buyers have their own separate wholesale login account.

Wisdom Products provides free ground shipping all over United States for orders of 7 day candles and other products of over and above $ 75.

Buyers can make purchases online by creating an account or checking out as a guest and make payments using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal account etc.

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