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ESL Lesson Plans to learn Business English

Business English courses are in huge demand due to globalisation, with businesses going global and crossing limitations of geographic and cultural boundaries, English has stood out as the language of commerce,  globally increasing demand for business English courses and ESL platforms like Your Agora is helping tutors teach English as second language.

This ESL platforms has a rich content of learning material and ESL lesson planscreated and contributed by teachers from all around the globe. Your Agora allows tutors to create and design their own content which is often collaborated with interactive media such as photos, videos, text and word list to enhance learning experience for students learning business English.

This ESL platform is free for students and teachers and require businesses, enterprises, schools, colleges and other educational institutions to subscribe to its premium paid plans to use its features and access its content and ESL lesson plans.

Contributors are allowed to edit, alter and modify content anytime as per changes curriculum and requirements of students. Tutors can also filter content and organise it by date, class, course etc using the platform’s tag feature and students can find appropriate learning material through volumes of coursework content using the platforms search feature.

Reviewing, checking and grading assignments and test can be done automatically true or false, matching, fill in the blanks and multiple choice formats makes its easier for tutors to teach English as second language. Written assignments can also be reviewed, checked and a provision to add comments and remarks enables students to receive feedback and make learning business English more effective.

Your Agora ESL platform also allows students to export and print course material in hard copy format to enable learners to access course content in an offline mode. Even though this ESL platform is a preferred route for teachers to teach English as second language, it is recommended for students with no knowledge of English language at all not to use this ESL platform to learn business English as its ESL lesson plans are suitable only for people with basic or moderate English language skills and not zero English language skills.

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