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Franking Machines Rental or Purchase?

We are unique and lucky in the UK to have the choice of franking machine lease or purchase options and even low volume users see an improvement in costs and services.

Many customers prefer franking machine rental which allows them to budget effectively as they proceed via an online account for credit and consumables. To buy franking machines often costs over £1000 whilst franking machine leases can be as little as £16.99 or £19.99 per month. Overall, a purchase can cost less though.

Contacting a Royal Mail franking machines partner and mail consultant like IMS Franking is the first step towards making a confident and informed decision.

Smart technology

All new franking machine leases and sales must be of smart franking machines.

It makes no difference to Royal Mail whether you choose to buy franking machines or lease them. In both cases, the mail is treated as business mail which means it tends to reach its destination more efficiently than the mainstream stamped mail.

Stamps are not a device that Royal Mail sees in the future of post; print runs are an expense but a transition to franking machines make life more efficient and economical for all concerned.

A franking machine leased or purchased from a reputable supplier, is not accessible to any member of staff who hasn’t been registered, this increases security. No one can “borrow” a franking machine as they might take a stamp for personal use.

Franking machines which do not have smart technology installed are better than stamps in a mailroom but won’t offer the level of service and cost benefits of the newer models. If you have an older model, the cost to buy franking machines or lease them is offset by the operational savings and tools so you’ll possibly see a small increase in outlay but a greater return on investment. Staff will be free to concentrate on other vital tasks, or restart them, more quickly.


When smart franking machines meet the eligibility requirements for Mailmark, Royal Mail’s lowest franking tariff with superior tools and services, the costs are considerably lower than stamps and standard franking machines, there are VAT reclaim opportunities and the user capabilities are incomparable with post tracking via 2D readable barcodes, dashboard management and swift, accurate reporting.

Cost illustration

Current Royal Mail prices:

  • 2nd class small envelope stamp: 56p
  • Standard franking 2nd class: 41p
  • Mailmark franking 2nd class: 38p
  • 1st class small envelope stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class:                        55p

Every item of mail, including special delivery, sign on delivery and parcels, can be processed on the business premises; queuing at the Post Office becomes a memory.

Franked mail can be collected or placed in one of the generous number of franked mail boxes around the country. Franked mail boxes often have two apertures to distinguish them from mainstream mail boxes.

The choice to buy franking machines or lease them is often a matter of budget and preference. Please contact franking specialists for further advice.

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