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How To Set Up Your Portable Patio When Camping Or 4-Wheeling

Planning for your camping trip can be overwhelming. However, with the right accessories and gears, you can turn it into the best trip of your life. There’s one thing you have to consider when packing the essentials, you won’t be inside your tent or your RV for 24/7. With that being said, spending your time outdoors is one of the best ways to truly get in touch with nature. Portable awnings can come in handy and creating outdoor patio has never been this fun.

So what are the things you need to consider when setting up the perfect RV outdoor patio?

1. Seating

Foldable chairs are a must when you plan on spending several hours outside of your RV. These can be bought individually, and some manufacturers even incorporate drink holders and built-in coolers to provide an on-the-go experience as you recline in comfort.

2. Lighting

Similar to when you are setting up the tent, your outdoor patio should also have its own lighting. You can opt for a string of Christmas lights or various hanging luminaries. Furthermore, if you want to achieve an Aztec aesthetic, you can set up tiki torches.

3. Kitchen

Your camping or RV experience is never complete without BBQ. Plan the necessary ingredients and set up your cooking materials outdoor for your ultimate cookout.

4. Tables

Similar to portable chairs, a portable table can come in handy for when you are preparing your meals. There are various options for how tables are folded. Some foldable tables even come with benches.

5. Flooring

When you go camping, you always have to take into consideration the changes in weather. When deciding on your campsite flooring, choose something that can tolerate both the heat from the sun and a rainy weather.

6. Coolers and Grills

When there is not much to do, you can wip out your portable grills for some outdoor fun to keep you entertained. If you’re looking for a grill that won’t break your bank, you can search among the various propane and charcoal grills – and don’t forget your coolers. Beat the heat with having a cold drink in hand. Plus, a nice beer would go so well with the BBQ.

7. Awning

One of the enemies of camping is the weather. Always be prepared with your portable awnings and expect the worst kind of weather. Some RVs come with an attached tent or awning which can protect you from the sun and rain. Awnings come handy when are camping or on a 4WD adventure trip as you can set them up quickly and also retract quickly when it’s time to head to the next destination.

We’re not done yet – it’s time to add the finishing touches to truly turn your campsite into a real oasis. Take your pick among portable fire pits, fans, mist sprayers, and more. Don’t forget to bring in high technology entertainment to fully complete the experience – compact television sets and radios to keep you company while you grill your BBQ. On top of that, let’s not forget some decor.

Portable awnings come handy when you need to set up an outdoor patio so you can prepare food, have a temporary shelter or shade to protect you from the elements. Check out 4WD Supa Centre’s inventory for your best choices.

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