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Integrative medicine 101

Integrative medicine can be described as an approach to care where the patient is at the center of the treatment and seeks to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences of a person’s health. In other words, integrative medicine focuses on staying well and not just treating the illness. The doctor employs a personalized strategy by considering the patient’s unique conditions, circumstances and needs.

Principles of integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is simple but powerful because of its seven principles. The seven principles are;

  1. Both the patient and the practitioner work hand in hand as partners during the healing process
    2. Different factors that affect the general health and wellness of one’s health are taken into considerations such as the community, body, mind, and spirit.
    3. The practitioners use an array of healing sciences to facilitate the healing process including the use of integrative therapeutics products.
    4. When possible, the practitioner uses natural and less invasive interventions.
    5. Treatment is inquiry-driven and is open to new paradigms
    6. Other than just treating the illness other concepts such as illness prevention are important
    7. The practitioners of integrative medicine have to commit themselves to self-development and self-exploration.

Doctor-patient relationship

One of the essential elements of integrative medicine is having a strong and trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient. With conventional medicine, there is no sacred relationship between a doctor and their patient. Patients deserve to have a doctor who knows them personally and can provide personalized therapeutic options.

What to expect during your first visit

If you are planning on booking an appointment, you might be wondering how your visit will differ from your usual yearly physical. First and foremost, the average integrative medicine visit can last for an hour or more. The extended visit is because with integrative medicine there are different aspects of a patient’s lifestyle that are reviewed during the visit.

The visit starts with the practitioner asking questions so they can understand your health issues. After the questions, the doctor will perform the usual exam. After receiving the results of the exam, the doctor then determines the appropriate therapy and treatment for the individual patient. This is because no two patients are ever the same and hence it is not a one size fits all kind of approach. You will also discuss your lifestyle and diet, and if any change is required, you can discuss it with the doctor.

Generally speaking integrative medicine uses a broad range of therapeutic approaches to help a patient achieve optimal health and wellness. During your appointment feel free to ask and discover other therapies such as integrative therapeutics products that are helpful to your body.

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