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Packing Your Clothes for Moving: Top Tips

Moving house is really exciting, however it can be stressful too – With so many different aspects involved and so many things to do.  With this in mind there are many aspects of moving in which those moving often forget about – with one of them being moving their clothes. Many people don’t plan and prepare to move their clothes, however they should. Not only should they ensure that they purchase quality moving boxes and all of the recommended packaging supplies, but also that they know all of the greatest clothing packing tips. Hopefully today we can provide those moving with some much needed advice…

Packing Clothing Top Tips

  • Before getting started you should get all of your clothes out of your wardrobes and drawers and put them into categories for example, tops, jumpers, trousers, skirts etc.
  • Next you should have a clear out, there is absolutely no point in your taking clothes that you haven’t worn in years from one house to another – declutter, consider selling your old garments on eBay, giving them to charity and more. Don’t keep any clothing that you know is no good to you anymore
  • Keep aside the clothing items that you are going to need in the run up to your move and immediately after moving so that you don’t have to rummage through your carefully packed boxes. These can be kept together in one box which you will pack last and unpack first
  • If you are taken a dresser with you or ever some drawers you can consider leaving light items such as underwear in them if you have strong people which are going to be moving them for you
  • Pack clothes into small boxes and they are often heavier than you think, fold clothing neatly and pack it tightly in small boxes, then fasten with secure tape
  • Consider investing in wardrobe boxes, these can be a god send when it comes to transporting clothing and can avoid clothing getting creased up too
  • You can also move clothing in suitcases and other luggage types such as sports bags
  • Be sure to label all of your clothing boxes with season, size and type, do this with a permanent market pen and ensure is writing is large so you can identify individual boxes quickly
  • Pack your shoes separately from your clothing. You can pack them in their original boxes if you still have them and then place the shoeboxes in a larger box

These are only some of the available tips when it comes to packing clothing too – The best advice I could give you is it plan, prepare and start packing way before you think necessary as it often takes longer than people anticipate.

If you can think of any clothes packing tips that we have missed please don’t hesitate to comment and let us and everyone else know. Thanks.

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