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Pedestrian Accidents: Speed That Kills

In the United States of America pedestrians are killed every two hours and injured every eight minutes in car accidents. There are several environmental factors that have contributed to pedestrian accidents. Some of the factors are poor lighting in neighborhoods, driving at night, more accidents in urban neighborhoods, and more frequent accidents in non-intersections. In the past decade children 14-years-old and younger make up 21% of pedestrian fatalities. Further, the average age of people killed in pedestrian accident was 46-years-old. Lastly, 92% of pedestrian fatalities were from a single vehicle. In most cases people are usually distracted when pedestrian accidents occur.

Distracted driving is the responsibility of both the driver and the pedestrian. When both parties combined are distracted this creates a serious threat to your life and safety. Drivers can avoid distracted driving by being more vigilant, pulling over to the side of the road to use their electronic device(s). They can also consume all their food before entering the vehicle. On most occasions drivers become distracted while eating because they spill their food, which causes them to turn their focus away from the road to look down. Also, drivers should avoid trying to pass up vehicles at crosswalks because the driver in front of them may be stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street. Drivers should take precaution while driving in a school or construction zone by staying under the speed limit and being aware of their surroundings. Lastly, drivers can reduce their probability of pedestrian accidents by not driving under the influence of a controlled substance. In most cases if you were to drive under the influence of a controlled substance you would need and caused injury or death, you would need to seek legal advice from a pedestrian accident lawyer. Seeking legal advice can help you fight legal battles such as lawsuits and or imprisonment.

Pedestrians need to stay alert as equally if not more than a driver of a motor vehicle. A distracted pedestrian can also put their life in danger by talking on their cell phone while walking through a crosswalk or intersection. Many pedestrians walk and text without taking the time to look up to scan their surroundings, which in most cases can result to them walking into oncoming traffic. Pedestrians can adopt better safety habits by ensuring that they utilize the crosswalk when safe to do so as opposed to jaywalking. Also, they can stay off their phones in all intersections. Pedestrians can stay sober, stay visible, and maintain eye contact with drivers. Staying visible is critical especially at night when a driver’s vision may become slightly impaired. 74% of pedestrian deaths occur at night, and 72% of those deaths were due to a pedestrian failing to utilize the crosswalk at intersections.

In conclusion, your safety and the safety of others should be your top priority. You should never risk your safety or the life of another human being in danger over a call, email, quick bite, or text. These are habits that need to be broken quickly, responsibility and attentiveness needs to be utilized to avoid serious injury or death.

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