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Problem solving section with best strategy

The gmat exam that is used for reasoning here in this Data sufficiency sections are said to be helpful in improving knowledge level and also basic Level. The concepts can be tested by fractions, decimals and so many more like determined area and also for various shapes ability .That the exam you would have heard about this exam mainly the question will also arise from data sufficiency and data interpretation section .And this is completely different from problem solving sections it helps in manipulating tests on different numbers. And also basic and best strategy techniques are used in this concept

Different kind of steps for analyzing methods

  • The first step is said read the questions carefully on data sufficiency.
  • pointing out the needed information that are in high priority
  • evaluating of each steps individually
  • Combining of the steps two and three together in a single combination

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Data question answering way

  • The first way is reading of the questions carefully and answering the question
  • Combing of two statement as one will be producing good result

Various steps for solving statements

  • solving of question taking the first is possible that it can be done by combining of two statements into an individual one
  • The second solving question is said to be valid and also able to mark the answer and the first statement is need to answer but not in the second statement. So in this case data is said to be a sufficient one
  • The third solving question statement that cannot be solved by an statements individually and also trying to combine the first and second statement is required. And also the statements are not solved by marking the answer .Thus the data is said to be insufficient

Ways for quickly solving questions

  • The interesting part of this problem solving question is said to be solving the Ds type question simply. And also does not want to solve the question completely
  • This kind of solving question can also save the time
  • Solving the yes or no question will make the work easier
  • The statement one and statement two should be combine individually
  • Eliminating the wrong option from the question can be solved and can get lot of information
  • The way of solving the question can give a clear mind set on solving the questions


  • Symmetrical way among the statements
  • Aware of even components
  • The two sufficiency that is necessary for producing two variables that does not mean of sufficiency
  • The easiest statements and also the guessing statements these two kind of statements can be evaluated

Thus this kind of solving question statements can be possible by combining the statement one and statement two individually.And the guessing statement and the easier statements can be evaluated and also solving the question can give a clear mind set and also the does not want to solve the question completely will make the work simple and easier.

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