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Stand Alone Fireplaces

It’s perfectly okay if you’ve never heard of stand alone fireplaces. Everyone would love to have those wood-burning fireplaces with lots of stone and beamed mantels the cable home renovation shows feature. They’re pretty, but 85 percent of the heat escapes up the chimney. Since you aren’t a dusty-faced Dick Van Dyke dancing along rooftops while cleaning chimneys, you need a better idea. What should you know before you buy one of our freestanding fireplaces?

What exactly is a freestanding fireplace?

A stand alone fireplace or freestanding fireplace is not attached to walls or holding up the second floor of the house. They come in many styles from a corner unit to an entertainment center. Some look as if they’re hung from the ceiling. They use fuels such as pellets, gas or propane. Ash and residue must be cleaned from them just like their wood-burning cousins.

Will it heat the whole house?

Freestanding fireplaces basically heat the area in which the unit is located. It should, therefore, be placed in the room in which the family spends the most time. If you want it to heat the whole house, then a fan such as in the HVAC unit should be employed. Depending on the size of the area, the thermostat may be turned down, because the stand alone fireplace will heat the area. For example, our units can easily heat a 1,000 square foot area at little cost.

Which style should I choose?

The first decision should be the type fuel burned in the fireplace. That will determine whether a flue or vent pipe should be run through the ceiling or some way to the outside. Keep in mind that wood-burning fireplaces cause unhealthy indoor air quality due to chemical residues and ash.

If you choose gas or propane, then a vent will be necessary. Ventless styles include the plugged in electric kind, with flames brought to you by LED lights. Also available is the style in which gel provides both the heat and dancing flames.

Anything else I should know?

When shopping for your stand alone fireplace, ask us about maintenance. The unit and vent, if you choose a vented model, will have to be cleaned sometime. We’ll make sure our professionals teach you how to clean it properly. We’ll show you how to program the remote, the dimmer, and the height of the flames.

One of the most important things to check out is whether your town or city requires a permit to install a stand alone fireplace. If so, only our professionals will be allowed to do so. Don’t try to do it yourself. Contact us to learn more about it.


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