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The Way Forward For Banknotes And Stopping A Cashless Economy

Could we be just a few years from solving all security-related complications of money systems today? Daryl de Jori, Mind of recent Technologies at EDAQS, a German-Austrian technology company, states that might actually be the situation.

De Jori, a company analyst and finance critic by background famous Hamburg based economy researcher, Reimund Homann,plus a small group of scientists, technicians, and developers, have spent the final couple of years perfecting and testing the money home security system DICE, its first hybrid product which unifies artificial intelligence and also the daily existence, that they believe could prevent cash crimes, additionally to solving all security-related complications of money systems today, including passports and terrorism.

The innovation provides the chance for global change which will solve numerous conventional issues with a single system and allows central and national banks to supervise and evaluate all cash circulation without disturbing the privacy from the citizen. It-not only produces anti-counterfeit bills but provides the very first time within the good reputation for cash an impossible protection. Categorized like a semi-governmental task for the general public benefit and considered a “Governmental Reformation Venture” (since a highly effective implementation could simply be achieved through official ways along with the support from governments), we’ve got the technology is presently susceptible to negotiations with governments and national banks for any global implementation from the system.

The introduction of the DICE (acronym: Dynamic Intelligent Currency File encryption) emerged in the unquestionable requirement for an economic system that protects money while upholding the greatest degree of privacy and security. Contingent identifiable banknotes, preferably having a custom-frequency and secure RFID or machine readable codes like Datamatrix, the DICE integrates reliable and innovative technologies that combine their benefits of incorporate them into an enhanced security. Beginning in the identifiable banknote that connects to some digital home security system to ensure the banknote’s validity, a vital feature can also be the opportunity to devaluate banknotes that might have been stolen from the DICE user or that are unlawfully circulating.

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