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Tips for Choosing Residential Fencing in Austin Texas

There are many residential fencing Austin Texas options to choose from and the options can be overwhelming. By keeping these tips in mind you can narrow down your fencing options and find the perfect fencing for your home.

Determine Why You Need Your Fence

A homeowner may install a fence for a number of reasons, including privacy, the safety of pets or children, or just for visual appeal. It’s important to prioritize these needs. Some fences can increase a property’s value if it is installed correctly.

If you want a privacy fence, consider that these may be bad for resale value and options can be limited for privacy fences. Wood fences are usually best for this, but certain vinyl fences may also serve the same purpose. If you want a fence in order to protect children and pets, many different types of residential fencing will do. However, you must consider if it’s possible for your pet to dig under or jump over the fence, so installation and height will be a factor.

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Consider the Maintenance Needed

You will need to ask yourself how much time you want to spend on fence maintenance. Some fences require painting, while others, like vinyl fencing, don’t require much upkeep. Remember that you may need to replace a section of the fence due to damage down the road, and it’s possible that the manufacturer of the fence won’t be in business when you need it. A wood fence is usually easy to repair, but it may take more maintenance.

Check with your HOA

Your HOA may have certain rules for what your fence should look like and what materials it should be made from. Make sure your fence meets the requirements with materials and height so you don’t face a fine or other issues.

Get Building Permits

You will need to check with your city or county to make sure you have the right property lines so you aren’t building your fence on your neighbor’s property.

Installing residential fencing in Austin Texas can be a great way to add some safety to your property as well as increase the aesthetic look of your home.

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