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Top Qualities of a Great Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers are involved with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Most people don’t realise that civil engineers are actually responsible for many things we encounter on a daily basis. From roads, bridges, water supply, sanitary waste management and even air conditioners, civil engineering is a huge discipline that significantly contributes to the evolution of modern society. It’s fair to say that civil engineers are pretty awesome, but due to the complexity of their work, there are certain qualities that these people need to have in order to excel at their profession. If you’re interested in entering this profession, then here are the top qualities you’ll need to possess in order to become a great civil engineer.

Strong Analytical Skills

Civil engineers are naturally inquisitive people that ask a lot of questions because they’re interested in how things work, and how they can be improved. Having strong analytical skills is essential in this profession (especially working with formwork and scaffolding), so if you’re able to visualise and conceptualise problems by gathering information about a given situation, then this is a great start!

Excellent Mathematical Skills
Engineering involves very complex mathematical problems so if you’re not good at maths, then engineering isn’t for you! Combining a mix of scientific principles and mathematics, engineers are required to solve intricate real-world problems on a daily basis and this forms a large part of an engineer’s job, particularly in the design phase of projects.

Attention To Detail

When building bridges, roads, or tunnels, the smallest of details makes a huge difference. That’s why having meticulous attention to detail is a top quality a civil engineer must have for excellent scaffolding and formwork construction. Even slight errors in judgment can set a project back months and cost millions of dollars, so every detail must be carefully examined to ensure it fits perfectly within the scope of the overall project.

Good Problem Solving Skills

Many problems are encountered during all phases of large scale projects, so it’s important for engineers to have the ability to quickly and efficiently solve these problems. A large part of an engineer’s job involves identifying and solving problems to ensure the project can continue on time and on budget. Many government agencies will rely upon engineering consultancy firms to help them solve problems, so the better the problem solving skills, the better the engineer.


To be a good engineer, you’ll need to be creative. A large part of solving complex problems involves coming up with creative and innovate solutions. When developing new systems, creativity is paramount in ensuring that these systems work as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Able to Think Logically

While creativity is important, so is the ability to think logically. Civil engineers are required to understand complex systems and be able to explain how these systems work in layman’s terms. Being able to think logically also helps prevent problems from arising in the first place, which is an invaluable skill to have.

Exceptional Communication Skills

An excellent engineer has exceptional communication skills. Civil engineers work with a range of different professions, so it’s essential that they are able to translate complex technical lingo into a language that is easily understandable by all stakeholders. Furthermore, civil engineers need to be able to effectively communicate with other engineers since any misunderstandings can lead to costly consequences.

Works Well In a Team

Typical engineering projects involve many people working together, so it’s essential for a good civil engineer to be able to work well in a team environment. A team of engineers with great interpersonal skills quickly build rapport with each other and allows the entire unit to perform effectively, leading to higher satisfaction and fewer errors.

Partakes In Continuing Education

With technology advancing so rapidly, it’s critical that civil engineers keep abreast of new developments and changes in industry standards when it comes to the construction industry, scaffolding and formwork. Above everything else, what makes a great civil engineer is their education, so being committed to continuing their theoretical knowledge and keeping up with changes in different techniques and materials is extremely important.

If you’re interested in becoming a civil engineer and have the skills and qualities listed above, then all you need is the motivation and hard work to make it happen! Civil engineering has been around for a very long time, and with the increasing population and high demand for new buildings and infrastructure, now is a great time to become a civil engineer. If you have any questions about civil engineering as a profession, get in touch with Uni-Span on 1300 882 825, or visit their website for further information:

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