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Top Reasons to Choose Phoenix Desert Safari Tours

Are you looking for a desert safari tour company? There are many companies in Dubai that offer you an opportunity to go on an adventurous ride. However, not all of them offer you a great deal. One of the leading companies in Dubai for desert safari is Phoenix Desert Safari Tours. In this write-up, we have focused on the reasons why you should choose us.

Take a look at the reasons for choosing us.

Hummer Desert Safari

If you want to go for desert safari in style and comfort, hummer desert safari is the right option. There are plenty of people who have experienced a ride in sandy dunes, but a VIP tour is what they missed. In the VIP tour, you can enjoy the dunes in a luxurious car, Hummer. This is a great way to explore the deserts of Dubai. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the golden desert.

Moreover, you can have a comfortable ride that is packed with fun, excitement, and adventure. You can watch the sunset from the top of the dune. Capture this mesmerizing view with your family.

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Best Deals

Another reason you should select us is that we offer you a wide range of packages. You can choose the one that suits your budget. If you come along a group, discounted prices are offered. No matter what package you select, all the activities are included in the packages.

Extensive Range of Activities

After you have experienced a bumpy and fun ride in the desert, there other activities that you can do. We want our customers to have the best day of their life. This is why we offer a wide range of activities for all. You can go for acamel ride, your visit will not be complete if you didn’t ride the traditional ride of Arabs. You can enjoy the desert in theold style of Arabs.

Moreover, other activities that await you in the camp is the dinner. You cantaste the mouthwatering dishes. You will get a warm welcome to the camp with a drink. We have a complete package of entertainment for you, from belly dance to tanoura dance to fire show.

Therefore, Dubai safari is the best way to escape the city life of Dubai. You can have memories together with your family that you will cherish forever. For bookings contact us (enter your number) or visit our website.

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