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Toyota Prius Baltimore

Toyota Prius Baltimore

The Perfect Car For Those Drivers Who Think With A Green Consciousness

Ever since I took the Environmental Science class in preparation for my Bachelors degree I became green conscious. Suddenly I began recycling everything and often wondered how my carbon footprint would affect the generations after me. What can I say it was a great class.

How Toyota Helps Keep The World Green

In addition to the plethora of ways that Toyota is making certain the environment is kept as safe as possible they made the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The Toyota Prius Baltimore is designed to significantly decrease harmful gas emissions. The car uses electronic energy as well as gasolince for power.

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Lets Take A Trip Around The Block

I knew the Prius was a tremendous step in the right direction in my quest to take better care of the world around me. I’m no scientist but I was able to understand how the Pruis worked and instantly felt better about my decision to purchase one.

The Prius uses the power from the electric motor which is powered by the electric battery for its ignition. The gasoline is not being utilized at all. In fact whenever the car is idled it is using power only from electricity. This is great that means you do not have to charge your car. Your battery is right there being efficiently used as the source for the motor with no boost needed.

This is where the parallel system comes into play. As you begin to move and are moving slowly, the Prius is using both the electric motor and the gasoline engine for power. This is also the case as you drive at slower speeds. This produces a smooth riding experience.

Once you begin to increase the acceleration the gas takes over and has you gain momemtum – go around the block – the gas is in full control of the power. While the gas is riding the throne of your ride it is supercharging your battery. The battery is just waiting for its chance to kick in again.

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