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Ultimate Guide:How to Connect a Wedding Veilto Your Hair Combs

Creating your own bridal veil could be a lovely thanks to specific your individual vogue on your wedding day. By attaching a straightforward bridal veil to wedding hair comb, you’ll be able to fashion a veil which will look nice along with your dress for a fraction of the value of shopping for one.

How to find flexible wedding hair combs updo hairstyle(great work )
How Easy DIY Wedding Hair Combs(5 Steps Tutorial)

Ok,let’s break down step by step;

Step 1

Choose a comb that enhances the scale and weight of the veil. A three-inch plastic or metal comb is appropriate for many veil lengths. If your veil is fuller, voluminous or is cathedral length, attach the veil with a four- or five-inch metal comb.

Step 2

Place the comb into your hair. If your hair is chin- or medium-length, add 3 or four small, 2 – to three-inch ponytails across the crown of your hair. Slide the little comb into the ponytails with the little teeth of the comb facing down. If you’ve got long hair, produce one massive crimp across the crown of the top. Secure the crimp with massive police officer pins that match your hair color. Slide the combs into the highest of the pin curls and shut to your scalp, to stay the veil from slippery  out of your hair.

Step 3

Attach the veil to a mesh. If you’re carrying your hair in a very staff of life at the back end of the neck, slide a mesh over the staff of life. Attach the veil with a comb beneath the mesh.

Step 4

Use 3 of 4 police officer pins to feature another layer of security for the veil. Hairpins with crystal or pearl beads connected to the ends of the pins add barely of class to your wedding veil. Use large-sized police officer pins to secure the little comb to your wedding hairstyle firmly.

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Now,Are you have some comments about wedding hair combs,i would like appreciate for your share.


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