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Winstrol is absolutely extraordinary as a cutting steroid

Winstrol, the chemical name for Stanozolol, is an anabolic steroid commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes in cutting cycles. It is habitually called Winnie and for use in animals, it is known as Winstrol-V. This medication helps the patients to maintain their weight as well as gain weight. Due to its ability to promote red blood cell production, it was prescribed for the treatment of anemia and angioedema. Additionally, this medication does not aromatize making it a safer anabolic steroid with low side effects. It is safe for use in both men and women because it has no estrogenic negative effects.

This drug is available in the oral and the injectable forms and the injectable version has the same benefit as the oral form. Some pharmacies still sell this steroid and it is more popular among bodybuilders and professional competitors who want to enhance their performance and get a good physique. It is created from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a synthetically produced male hormone testosterone.  It is anabolic in nature and is preferred by bodybuilders to increase nitrogen retention in muscles and encourage protein synthesis. It is always recommended to follow the guidelines of medical professionals while taking anabolic steroids as they can have an adverse impact on health and wellness.

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Effects on women

When it comes to bodybuilding, men can choose from a variety of options for bulking and cutting but women have only a few choices. This steroid is not only tolerable for women but is highly effective too as women respond even at low doses. Men incorporate this steroid in cutting cycles to keep gains and burn body fat while women use it in bulking cycle. Even a small boost puts women’s body into anabolic form and creates an atmosphere for building muscle. Women mostly use the upper limit dosage for bulking and lower limit dosage for cutting. A daily dosage of 5mg is optimum in a cutting cycle for women.

This steroid produces magnificent results if it is taken alongside a proper diet and right exercise. In a bulking cycle, women take a dosage of 10mg daily. The duration of both the cycles should be for six weeks and women do not need stacks or supplements in their cycle. In cutting, women should consume lesser calories and participate in aerobics daily. In bulking, women consume more calories and perform less cardio than cutting. In a cutting cycle, this steroid can result in joint pain for some users so staying hydrated is advisable to relieve joint pain. You should never take more doses than recommended by the physicians.

Buying this product

This steroid is considered illegal in the United States. It is supplied in gyms but people prefer to buy it online for varied reasons. Buying online is the safest and discreet way to buy it. With a doctor’s prescription, it can be purchased legally from a pharmacy store. There are some pharmacies in the US and other countries that sell this medication online without a prescription. It is also manufactured by underground laboratories and sold on streets by vendors. Buyers should use discretion while purchasing anabolic steroids as they can have an unfavorable impact on health and safety of the users.

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